Apple To Design Mac CPUs? Why Not?

Apple loves control. If it can design a better CPU for the Mac, why not? Some analysts think Apple is moving in that direction, and sooner rather than later. Kevin C. Togel parrots the details.

Apple last changed the chips it uses in Mac computers back in 2006, making the switch from PowerPC to Intel. The next change could take place as early as this year, according to KGI Research. In its latest report, it suggests Apple is working to scale up the custom chips it uses in iPads and iPhones for Mac computers.

The questions that go unanswered include, “Why?” And, “What about compatibility with Mac apps running on Intel CPUs?” And, “How much money would Apple save on each CPU?” And, finally, “What’s the benefit to an Apple-designed CPU aver an Intel i5 or i7 currently running in a MacBook Air?