Hawaii Five-O: Where Are They Now?

The new Hawaii Five-O pays homage to the original from 1968-1980, but you’ll see more explosions and murders and violence on one episode than we have in the islands in half a year. As to stars of the original, Answers answers ‘Where are they now?

  • Jack Lord - McGarret died
  • James MacArthur - Danno died
  • Kam Fong - Chin Ho died
  • Herman Wedemeyer - Duke died
  • Harry Endo - Che Fong died
  • Zulu - Kono died
  • Richard Denning - Governor died
  • Peggy Ryan - Jenny died
  • Danny Kamekona - Sgt. Nick died
  • Khigh Dhiegh - Wo Fat died

Good grief. They all died.